At MoleAware we provide a comprehensive mole screening, using the latest digital technology to map the moles on your body from head to toe.

If you have lots of moles, unusual looking moles, a history of skin cancer, or a mole you are worrying about, then our mole screening service offers a full skin assessment and mole screening as a safeguard against skin cancer.  Mole screening can pick up any suspicious changes, usually considerably earlier than is possible with using the naked eye.  Also, the results can be monitored over time.

MoleAware uses the Fotofinder system.  The system provides state-of-the-art skin imaging technology called dermoscopy, to provide high resolution images of individual moles.  The images taken are mapped, analysed and recorded.  The ability to compare images and identify changes makes it a highly accurate tool in the monitoring of moles.  By creating a permanent record of your moles, anything new or changing can be easily identified, giving you peace of mind.

Initial Mole Screening 


When you have a mole screening at MoleAware, our highly trained nurse specialist will first take your personal sun and skin history to identify any risk factors for skin cancer and then undertake a full head to toe skin assessment, with the use of a hand-held dermatoscope.


Any moles that require further examination, will be mapped to the area on your body and imaged close-up using digital dermoscopy.  The Fotofinder system will be used to map your moles and the dermoscopic images are assessed by the imaging dermoscopist.  The images are stored in your confidential file.


Once your skin has been assessed, your specialist will discuss with you the most appropriate follow-up screening programme.


MoleAware provides you with a personalised report, consisting of your consultation results and future recommendations.

Your initial consultation will take approximately 1 hour.

Initial Mole Screening Consultation - £150.00