Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the Mole Screening take?

Allow yourself 45-60 minutes for the appointment. If you have a large number of moles then you may need to have more moles imaged, which can take a bit longer.

What is Mole Screening?

It is a full visual Head to Toe skin check, followed by computerised digital dermoscopy to image moles for a closer check and future monitoring. 

Do I have to get undressed?

The head to toe skin check and all your dermoscopic photos are taken with your underwear on and the consultation is carried out in a way that respects your modesty as much as possible.


Can I have a single mole check?

It is possible to have a single mole check.  However, if you are worried about new or changing moles we recommend a full Head to Toe Mole Screening, to ensure that there are no abnormal moles in areas that you cannot easily see or check yourself.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

If you have any results from previous moles removed, then it is good to bring them to the appointment. Bring a hair tie for long hair, remove any make up for a thorough check and it is best if you remove any coloured nail polish.

How can I book a consultation?

To make an appointment, you can contact MoleAware on:

020 8248 6312 or email

You do not need a GP referral.

How much is a Mole Screening Consultation?

This service is £150 ,although discounts are available for couples who book for appointments at the same time.

How are my photos stored?

All photos taken are stored securely and are only able to be viewed by the specialists.  

Do you remove moles?

MoleAware does not offer on-site surgery for mole removal