Follow-Up Mole Screening

Follow-Up Mole Screening

It may be necessary to have a follow-up mole screening consultation, to monitor some of your moles more carefully.  This is particularly useful if you have a lot of moles or atypical moles.


MoleAware will usually offer you a follow-up mole screening in 3-6 months, if necessary. At a follow-up consultation, your previously stored images are used as a baseline to detect any new or changing moles. With two images side by side for comparison, subtle changes within the mole can be picked up easily over time. The system will accurately detect and analyse the mole, providing a valuable tool  in the early diagnosis of melanoma and skin cancer.  The images are stored securely in your confidential file for future comparison.

A follow-up mole screening takes approximately 30 minutes.

The cost of a follow-up mole screening consultation is £75.

Annual Mole Screening

We recommend a yearly mole screening to identify any changes or new moles, which may have occurred since your last appointment.  All digital images will be securely and safely stored for future reference.  Of course, if you notice any mole changes sooner, then please contact us.

A yearly mole screening takes approximately 1 hour.

The cost of a yearly mole screening consultation is £125.